Why I Started the Save Michigan Super PAC

I am launching the Save Michigan Super PAC with the goal of making Michigan the #1 business environment in the world. I have seen throughout my life the incredible impact of entrepreneurial vision, innovative and creative problem solving, and disruption to the status quo. Michigan needs that kind of vision, innovation, and disruption in our elected offices and we need to create an environment that encourages, rather than inhibits, our businesses to create, innovate, and disrupt.

When I was 14 years old, I had an idea to put a claw machine in a restaurant and stock it with Beanie Babies. At the time, I was told it would be a waste of money and that it wouldn’t work. It winded up being so successful that I was able to use the profits to purchase my first real estate investment as a teenager and it supplemented my college expenses that weren’t covered by my baseball scholarship.

In 2009, when our economy and the financial industry were in crisis, I started a financial investment firm. Again, I was told this was a bad idea and warned against it. But I built that company into one of the most successful and highly rated financial investment companies in the country.

Michigan was once #1 in the world in manufacturing. Michigan was once where businesses wanted to be. People say that we can’t get there again. I’ve never listened to the naysayers and I don’t intend to start now.

When we listen to voices that lack vision, that lack ambition, and that can only comprehend the status quo, the status quo (or worse) is all we will get. When we innovate, create, and disrupt, we can unlock the solutions to be and attain the best.

In Michigan, career politicians and far-left Democrats like Governor Whitmer have been unwilling or unable to offer the kinds of innovation and creativity required to encourage Michigan businesses to stay in Michigan and to attract businesses from around the world to come to Michigan. Their so-called “solutions” are always the same: more taxes, more regulation, and maintaining the status quo.

The LEGO Group decided to build a $1B plant in Virginia. When LEGO Group looked to find a state, Michigan wasn’t even in the conversation. This is unacceptable: Michigan should be at the top of the list.

That’s why I am launching Save Michigan PAC: to support candidates who innovate and support innovation. We need to make Michigan the best place to work and the best place to start and grow a business. We need to make Michigan #1.

– Michael J. Markey Jr.

We Proudly Stand with President Trump

We strongly support Tudor Dixon in her pursuit to make the Governor's office work for hard-working people of Michigan

Tudor Dixon is a businesswoman, breast-cancer survivor, and working mom of four girls. She built a career in Michigan’s steel industry throughout the early 2000s, leading industrial sales for heavy equipment in the agriculture, automotive, and energy sectors, among others. Quickly a leader in that space, Tudor was highlighted in 2009 at just thirty-one years old as part of “Metalcasting’s Next Generation” by trade magazine Foundry Management & Technology and served as Chairwoman of the Steel Founders Society of America’s Future Leaders Committee. 

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