Millionaire 'Disruptor' Michael Markey Launches Save Michigan PAC

Michigan’s Michael Markey, a millionaire known for being a creator, innovator, and “disruptor” has launched the Save Michigan PAC. A press release provided to Townhall in an exclusive sneak peak revealed that the PAC has been formed in mind “to support candidates for public office that are committed to creating a business environment in Michigan that reduces the regulatory burden placed on small businesses, encourages Michigan-based businesses to stay in the state, and attracts businesses from around the world to come to Michigan.”

The Save Michigan website points out that “businesses in Michigan are stifled and burdened by excessive regulation, excessive taxation, and by excessively tired, stale ideas.”

“I am launching Save Michigan PAC with the goal of making Michigan the #1 business environment in the world,” Markey said in a statement. “I have seen throughout my life the incredible impact of entrepreneurial vision, innovative and creative problem solving, and disruption to the status quo. Michigan needs that kind of vision, innovation, and disruption in our elected offices and we need to create an environment that encourages, rather than inhibits, our businesses to create, innovate, and disrupt.”

He continued by going after the “failed leadership” from Gretchen Whitmer, the state’s Democratic governor.

“Michigan was once #1 in the world in manufacturing. Michigan was once where businesses wanted to be. But years of failed leadership from Governor Whitmer and the liberal Democrats have stifled and burdened businesses and forced them from our state. Save Michigan PAC is committed to supporting candidates that will turn this around, get our economy moving, and make Michigan #1 again,” Markey added.

In a section titled “Why I Started the Save Michigan Super PAC,” Markey also went after Whitmer:

Michigan was once #1 in the world in manufacturing. Michigan was once where businesses wanted to be. People say that we can’t get there again. I’ve never listened to the naysayers and I don’t intend to start now.

When we listen to voices that lack vision, that lack ambition, and that can only comprehend the status quo, the status quo (or worse) is all we will get. When we innovate, create, and disrupt, we can unlock the solutions to be and attain the best.

In Michigan, career politicians and far-left Democrats like Governor Whitmer have been unwilling or unable to offer the kinds of innovation and creativity required to encourage Michigan businesses to stay in Michigan and to attract businesses from around the world to come to Michigan. Their so-called “solutions” are always the same: more taxes, more regulation, and maintaining the status quo.

Gov. Whitmer, who has faced a myriad of scandals during her term as governor so far, including and especially the overuse of emergency powers, is running for re-election this November. The primary to select her Republican challenger will be on August 2. 


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